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5 Best LED TV under 50000 Rs in India (October 2016)

5 Best LED TV under 50000 Rs in India (October 2016)

by Best Tech Guru TeamOctober 23, 2016

Looking for the best LED TV under 50000 Rs? Then you must be having so many questions like which is the best 40 inch LED TV under 50000 Rs, the best 50 inch LED TV under 50000 Rs, the best 4K LED TV under 50000 or the best Smart TV under 50000 Rs. etc. Over the last couple of years, the TVs have evolved terribly from the big boxes to slim LEDs, simple TVs to Smart TVs, HD TVs to 4K TVs and now we are also seeing the 3D and Curved TVs.

The modern generation TVs are no more the “idiot box” but they offer very rich entertainment, apart from your regular TV channels, you can also access apps like YouTube, Netflix, etc., you can browse the internet, can keep track of the updates on social media while watching your favourite sports side by side and you can even play games.

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With so much on the offering and lots of TVs in the market, it becomes very important that you select the correct TV for yourself, which can serve your purposes without compromising on the quality. And to help you in the process, we have carefully written the list of 5 Best LED TV under 50000 Rs. in India with our extensive research.

So relax! Choosing the best LED TV under 50000 Rs. will be very easy for you now. If you still have any question, feel free to ask it in the comments section at the end. 🙂

List of Best LED TV under 50000 Rs:

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We believe that specifications of the TVs just tell the half story, a great user experience matters more than great specifications. So, while preparing this list we have considered everything, the screen size, sound quality, specifications, features, hardware, software (UI), real-world performance, user experience, brand value, after sales service and more. We see a TV as a complete entertainment package which should at the end deliver great multimedia viewing experience and satisfaction to the user and our rankings are based on the same principles. We prepare this list after considering all the TVs from the biggest to the smallest brands and come with our honest rankings.

1. Micromax 50K2330UHD (49) 4K Smart LED TV:

Micromax 50K2330UHD (49) 4K Smart LED TV - best LED TV under 50000 - Best Tech Guru

It’s no more a surprising thing that we have another Micromax TV in the list of best Televisions. Micromax has overshadowed other big companies by offering quality products at low prices. Micromax has come up a long way in the field of Televisions in past few years.

Micromax 50K2330UHD is an another beautiful and powerful Television to keep your entertainment quota always full. This is a big 49-inch LED TV with lot of smart features. It sports Ultra HD 4K display which renders images at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. This Ultra HD display produces brighter, sharper and detailed pictures giving you a wonderful viewing experience. The picture performance of this TV is average with SD contents due to the poor upscaling capabilities but pretty good with 720p and 1080p contents. If you have a lot of High-definition content then this 4K TV will not disappoint you. With 178 degrees of Wide Viewing Angle you can watch TV from distant angles as well. The design of this TV is very sleek with minimum bezel which makes it look even bigger in display. The golden metal frame along the bezel gives it a classic and eye-catching look. However, the stands of this TV can cause some placement problems as they are spaced too far apart. On the performance front, this TV is powered by Dual Core CPU paired with 1 GB of RAM which handles processing nicely. It is also equipped with Quad core GPU for better visuals and 2.5 GB of user-available storage which is expandable up to 32 GB. This TV runs on Android 4.4 interface which comes with many pre-loaded apps. It has Built-in Wi-Fi so that you can connect to internet and access the Google Play Store and download more apps. You can browse web and watch videos on YouTube app and access your social media as well. All this can be controlled by RF-capable motion sensing remote and via your smartphones as well. But, there is a major drawback of this user interface that the TV takes too long to start-up because the system must be booted up like any other Android device. This leads to long waiting times before you can access your content, especially if you have a set-top box or USB drive connected, which can be annoying at times. The remote of this TV is RF-capable and with a press of a button it brings up a mouse cursor on-screen, which can be controlled with motion. This makes moving around the interface very easy and enjoyable. The remote also has a microphone, which is useful if you want to use the TV to make Skype calls or give voice commands. For connectivity, there are 2 HDMI ports and 3 USB ports (of which one is 3.0) through which you can connect your external devices. It is also MHL enabled and you can share your data via Wi-Fi as well. A Headphone out port is available so that you can enjoy watching TV without disturbing others. The Audio performance is decent with SRS sound system but sound clarity gets affected at higher volume levels. You’d be better off with an external set of speakers or soundbar.

Overall, this TV performs well with HD contents and has a decent Android interface and given the price for a 49-inch 4K Smart TV, it becomes the best TV under 50000 Rs. in India. The Micromax 50 CANVAS-S (50) is an another option in this screen size with Full HD display and at a lower price.

PRICERs 49,990 @ 
RESOLUTIONUltra HD 4k, (3840 x 2160)
FEATURESMHL, Screen Mirroring, RF-capable Motion Sensing Remote
INTERNETWeb Browser, Social Networking, Apps, YouTube


2. Vu LEDN50K310X3D (50) 4K Smart LED TV:

Vu LEDN50K310X3D (50) 4K Smart LED TV - best LED TV under 50000 - Best Tech Guru

Vu Televisions offers great entertainment at very affordable prices which has been the success factor for them. Vu is offering the smart features and 4k resolution at almost half the price than the other established brands.

Vu LEDN50K310X3D Iconium is a budget segment TV as far as 4K TVs are concerned. This is a big 50-inch LED TV with many smart features. This TV sports Ultra HD 4K display which delivers images at a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. Firstly, talking about the design of this TV, it sports slim line bezel with chrome finish on it which gives a premium look to it. The TV is not as slim as high-end Televisions from other established brands are, but it isn’t very broad either. The picture quality of a TV is the most important factor we consider while buying one. Being a 4K TV we expect a lot from this Vu TV and it certainly meets our requirements to a lot of extent. The picture quality varies between good and satisfactory, depending on the content being played. For HD (720p), Full HD (1080p) and 4K contents it offers smooth display, while for SD contents it does stick out a little bit, but that should not be a point of concern as the Upscaling Engine of this Vu TV does a great job in maintaining the clarity as good as possible. The 4x Graphics Engine makes games such as Mortal Kombat X more visually rich. Motion Enhancement Technology makes the transition of images smooth. This Vu TV is equipped with Smart OS and the UI is fast and responsive which is very important in a Smart TV. Array of Apps and widgets are presented on the screen which includes Netflix and YouTube, which can be launched by the dedicated buttons on the remote also. Connectivity options on this Vu TV include a total of four HDMI ports and three USB ports, two of which are conveniently located near the top left corner. On one side, you’ll find an audio-out port for headphones and a DVB-T/C tuner input. Along the bottom are the other two HDMI ports, the third USB port, an Ethernet port for a wired Internet connection and a VGA port with a 3.5 mm audio input. It also comes with Miracast, through which you can cast your smartphone screen on the big screen, DLNA and MHL for seamless data transfer from your laptop, smartphone or tablet and Wi-Fi for wireless media transfer. Opera TV Store offers a wide range of apps for music, videos, games, social networking and news information. The sound output of this TV is somewhat low if you are in a very large room, however in small rooms it would do a good job.

This 50-inch 4K smart TV from Vu is a good deal at this price point. After knowing all the pros and cons of this Vu TV your mind would be much clearer by now and if you are looking for a 4K TV in 50-inch screen size in this budget then you can consider this TV also. However, if you are a little low on budget then the Vu H50K311 (50) could be an option for you as well in same screen size but with Full HD display.

PRICERs 46,989 @
RESOLUTIONUltra HD 4k, (3840 x 2160)
INTERNETFull Web Browser, Social Networking, Apps, YouTube, Netflix

3. Sony Bravia KLV-40W562D (40) Full HD Smart LED TV:

Sony-Bravia-KLV-40W562D-(40)-Full-HD-Smart-LED-TV - best LED TV under 50000 - Best Tech Guru

Sony is a leading brand in the field of Televisions and known for its finest picture quality. Sony gives a rich and premium feel with its quality products. Sony Televisions are high in price but are always a worthy buying option.

This TV from Bravia series of Sony is a complete package of entertainment as it is loaded with some high-class features and great picture quality. This is a 40-inch Smart LED TV which features Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) resolution. The X-Reality Pro picture processing engine of Sony up-scales each pixel and produces great pictures by maintaining the texture, contrast and colors proportionately. The Motionflow XR technology ensures smooth reproduction of all movements by inserting extra frames between the successive original frames giving you a smooth view. The design of this TV is very sleek and streamlined with narrow frame and a minimal bezel which gives a classic look to this TV and to your Living room’s wall as well. Entertainment never stops with this TV as it comes with Built-in Wi-Fi so that you can surf whole web, watch videos on YouTube, connect with your Social media and lot more. Sharing is very easy with Photo Sharing Plus, a feature that lets you and your friends share photos and videos to and from the TV to other devices. The screen mirroring feature lets you cast your smartphone’s screen onto the TV, and supersizes all content with clarity. It also comes with 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports for better connectivity. With super multi-format USB play you can play a wide range of media files and enjoy your favourite digital content from any USB stick. The ClearPhase technology delivers natural and balanced sound. This gives pure, natural audio with even reproduction of all frequencies. Plus this TV has a built-in Subwoofer in addition to the two speakers, and that adds powerful, deep, rich bass to all songs that you play on it.

Overall, it is a very good Full HD Smart TV from Sony with great features as well. This Sony TV will give you a rich viewing experience on its 40-inch Full HD display.

PRICERs 48,788 @  Rs 48,350 @  Rs 46,400 @ 
RESOLUTIONFull HD, (1920 x 1080)
FEATURESScreen Mirroring, Photo Sharing Plus, Super Multi-format USB Play
INTERNETWeb Browser(Opera), Social Networking, Apps, YouTube

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4. Samsung 40J5300 (40) Full HD Smart LED TV:

Samsung 40J5300 (40) Full HD Smart LED TV - best LED TV under 50000 - Best Tech Guru

Samsung is a big name in the electronics industry in every sector, be it in Smartphones, Televisions, Gadgets, Appliances and many more. In television sector also, Samsung has a big brand value and a trust factor among its customers. Samsung has produced some superb innovations in Televisions.

This Samsung UA40J5300AR is a 40-inch Smart LED TV. This smart TV features Full HD display which renders images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels which gives you a superb viewing experience. This TV is powered by Hyper-Real engine which ensures high picture quality with rich colors so that you can enjoy your favourite movies and shows. The Wide Colour Enhancer enhances the contrast and colour of images. The design of this TV is sleek with narrow bezels. The TV has Triple protection, the Best-in class durability protects your TV from lightning shocks up to 15 KV, the chipsets coated with anti-humidity glue and silica avoids moisture and capacitors can withstand high voltage fluctuations up to  750 V. This Smart TV comes with pre-installed Smart browser which lets you access all web contents using the built-in Wi-Fi. There are different types of connectivity options which makes this TV user-friendly. The Smart share feature lets you share data wirelessly to and from your smartphones to the TV’s storage device and vice versa via Wi-Fi direct. With Screen mirroring you can mirror your smartphone screen on the big 40-inch screen and enjoy all the contents without straining your eyes. It also comes with 2 USB and 2 HDMI ports for connecting your external devices. You can also connect 3G Dongle Plug and Play to access the Internet. With Story Replay feature, you can save your favourite movies and shows on external storage and watch it when you are free. Equipped with Dolby Digital Technology, this TV produces great virtual surround sound experience, thus, enhancing your movie watching experience.

So, overall this smart Samsung TV is a good source of entertainment with a great design and brilliant picture quality. This 40-inch Samsung TV will give you an immersive viewing experience. However, if you want to experience something different then you have the Samsung 32J6300 (32) which is a Full HD Smart Curved LED TV.

PRICERs 48,590 @  Rs 45,474 @  Rs 45,399 @ 
RESOLUTIONFull HD, (1920 x 1080)
FEATURESScreen Mirroring, Smart Share, Story Replay, 3G Dongle Plug and Play, MHL
INTERNETWeb Browser, Social Networking, Apps

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5. LG 49LF513A (49) Full HD LED TV:

lg-49lf513a-49-full-hd-led-tv - best LED TV under 50000 - Best Tech Guru

LG is one of the best brands in the field of Televisions with lot of varieties in products in different price ranges. LG Televisions are good in picture quality and in designs as well. This is an another beautiful TV from LG with superb picture quality.

The LG 49LF513A is a 49-inch LED TV having Full HD display which renders images at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. The picture quality of LG is always good, thanks to the Triple XD Engine which brings a higher level of excellence in colour, contrast and clarity. The IPS panel offers various attributes such as Life-like colour, Wide Viewing Angle, Blur-free clarity and Stable screen. The Wide Viewing Angle shows the most consistent colour and contrast from all angles, so that you can enjoy watching TV from any corner of your Living room. This LG TV comes with flexible wall mount brackets which lets you rotate the TV as per your viewing angle requirement. The sleek design of this TV with slim depth and narrow bezels makes it look very classic and enhances the ambience of your Living room. The metallic design of this TV makes it look more elegant. The Eco Motion Sensor is a brilliant new technology that reduces power consumption by slightly adjusting the brightness of the screen relevant to the speed of the pictures. This TV is equipped with All round protection with a Robust IPS Panel, Lightening Protection, Summer Heat Protection, Humidity Protection, Dust Protection and Works without Stabilzer. It comes with 1 HDMI and 1 USB port for connecting your devices to the TV to share your data or watch your favourite movies. It features Bollywood and Cricket mode to enhance the viewing experience while watching your favourite stuff. It also comes with some Built-in games. With the Smart Energy Saving feature you can limit the power consumption, control backlight for adjusting brightness, a screen-off function that turns the picture off for playing audio-only, and the Standby Mode Zero function which allows the TV to effectively hibernate, using zero electricity. The sound quality is good with Dolby Digital technology, giving you a wonderful movie watching experience.

Overall, it is a good 49-inch TV from LG with a good Full HD display. It is not loaded with smart features but it offers a good viewing experience.

PRICERs 48,500 @  Rs 48,990 @  Rs 48,948 @ 
RESOLUTIONFull HD , (1920 x 1080)
FEATURESBuilt-in Games, Cricket Mode, Bollywood Mode, Eco Motion Sensor

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There are few more

The Videocon VMS40QX19SA (40)Onida LEO50FSAIN (48.5) and Mitashi MiDE050v01 (50) are some of the other Televisions under 50,000 Rs. which are also good but couldn’t make into the Top 5, you can consider these Televisions also but, going with the top Televisions will always be better.

Please like and share this list of 5 Best LED TV under 50000 Rs. with your friends and family and help them in choosing their next TV and like always, feel free to ask your questions. A prompt reply awaits you.

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