180 millions users in India watch YouTube videos on their smartphone

YouTube, in its fourth ‘YouTube Fanfest’ event said it has now reached 180 million Indians on mobile phones alone. During 2016, YouTube consumption on mobiles has increased from 55 percent to 80 percent. Also the watch time on mobile is increasing at 400 percent every year. YouTube also added that they saw over 500 creators in India who got over 100k subscribers. More over there were 14 creators in India who hit the 1 million subscribers every month.

David Powell, Director of Online Partnerships and Development, YouTube, APAC said:

“We’re seeing more hunger for YouTube content across all genres. In 2016, we saw over 500 creators across India get over 100k subscribers”.

“We will ramp up our efforts in creator community events across the country with a big focus on the south of India, and will continue to put the spotlight on creators as with our recent #SeeSomethingNew campaign”.

With over 300 million smartphone users in India coupled with free/budget data plans from different network providers, there has been a significant boost in number of YouTube users. Also, with features like off-line viewing within the App and increase in local language content helped the video sharing website gain success in India.

As per YouTube, increase in the number of content creators across India is the cause of its success and popularity in the country, they are constantly making efforts to make India one of the most vibrant and successful content creator communities in Asia.

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