‘Best Tech Guru’ will now be owned and operated under ‘Creatoors Tech Private Limited’

Dear Readers,

This is an important announcement.

‘Best Tech Guru’ has been growing bigger and stronger each passing year, it was founded by Mr. Rahul Dubey on 3rd December 2012 and since then, we have improved ourselves a lot, we have a got a passionate team and an office but, after around 3 and a half years of existence, we decided that it was time to take it to even more professional and organized level where, the work environment is even better for the employees. That’s why we decided to get ourselves registered as a Private Limited company.

To be registered as a company, the first step is to decide its name. At first thought, it was obvious for us to go with something like ‘Best Tech Guru Tech Private Limited’ or ‘Best Tech Guru Digital Media Private Limited’ or ‘Best Tech Guru Internet Private Limited’ but after giving it some detailed thoughts, we realized that ‘Best Tech Guru’ is not the only thing we want to do under this company. Our loyal readers might know that our aim is to help people with Technology and ‘Best Tech Guru’ is and will be always the backbone to fulfil our aim. But, we also want to introduce some new ventures, which can do even more towards reaching our goal so, we decided to go with a new name for the company and we decided to call it – Creatoors Tech Private LimitedNote: ‘Creatoors’ pronounced as ‘Creators’.

The new company is registered on 28th April 2016 and ‘Best Tech Guru’ will now be owned and operated under this company. Although everything at the organisational level at ‘Best Tech Guru’ remains the same – Mr. Rahul Dubey, the Founder & CEO of ‘Best Tech Guru’ is the CEO & Managing Director of ‘Creatoors Tech Private Limited’, our team also remains the same. So, the passion and enthusiasm towards technology is not going to change.

We will be working for the whole world from our office at IT Park in the centre of India – Nagpur, also famous as the Orange City.

Moving ahead, our primary goal will be to improve our services at ‘Best Tech Guru’ and add new features to our popular Tech Blog.

We hope you keep loving and trusting us forever.

Do let us know if you have any suggestions or feedback.

Thank You,

If anyone at Nagpur is interested to join our team, please send us your details at [email protected] .

Rahul Dubey

Rahul is a Professional Blogger and the Founder of 'Best Tech Guru'. He is a Computer Science & Engineering graduate and the passion for Technology & Entrepreneurship kept him away from a regular job, now he spends all his time with latest technology and loves to help people. He is a Tech enthusiast and has written hundreds of articles over the years on this blog. Follow @iamRahulD

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