Instagram adds Bookmark feature, to save posts privately for later viewing

Facebook owned Instagram has rolled out a new feature on Wednesday, that allows users to privately save photos and videos for later viewing. The update has been rolled out to iOS and Android app, while Windows 10 devices will be getting it in the coming weeks.

Now, while browsing the feed you will see a bookmark icon underneath posts which is a save button. To save a photo or video, you just have to tap the icon and the posts will be saved to a new, private tab on your profile which can be viewed only by you. However, when you save someone’s post, they won’t know that you have saved it.

When you stumble upon a funny video you want to remember, a new outfit you like or even inspiration for an upcoming vacation, you can now keep track of favourite posts right from your profile.

– Blog post, Instagram.

This feature should come as welcome news to many Instagram users who haven’t had an efficient way to save posts they want to look at later. Until now, users have often resorted to taking screenshots or messaging themselves in order to keep track of posts.

Instagram has added many interesting features over the past several months, like Instagram Stories, Disappearing photos and videos, Turn off and like comments. Instagram Live stories is cited to be the next big feature which has been already rolled out to users in the US. Stay tuned for more updates!

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