Instagram Stories updated with stickers for posts and hands-free video recording

Instagram has rolled out two new features for its stories tab that allows users to add stickers to posts and capture “hands-free” videos. The update has been rolled out to the latest versions of the app for iOS and Android.

With this update, users can now enhance their Instagram stories by adding stickers to videos and photos using a new button that appears next to the text and drawing tools. Currently, it includes specific stickers for weather, the current time and your location. There are a bunch of holiday stickers like Christmas, Hannukah, candy cane, snowman, mistletoe as well.

Instagram has also added a “hands-free” option for video recording, which lets you record a video with one tap instead of needing to press and hold. So, Just tap once to start, and tap again to finish – like your regular camera app already does.

The update also brings multiple text fields and alignment control. With the help of a slider that appears in the Instagram, users can adjust the text size too, including automatic text wrap so that it is not chopped off the sides of screen.

Meanwhile, Instagram for iOS will now let users save their entire story from the past 24 hours to the camera roll as a single video. Instagram, recently added the Bookmark feature to save posts privately for later viewing.

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