Reliance Jio Prime Membership subscription deadline might get extended upto 30 April

31st March is supposed to be the last date for registering to the Reliance Jio Prime membership plan. However, according to a new report from TeleAnalysis, registration to the Prime membership plan could be extended by a month till 30th April.

As per the source, the ongoing registration drive did not get the expected response which was being fore-sighted by the company. Around 22-27 million users up till now have registered to the Prime membership plan and have been converted for the program. As per a source in the company, Reliance Jio has achieved about 50% of its desired target but the exact target number or achieved number isn’t known.

One of the source from the company said, “It may get another months extension, may be till April 30. But, nothing has been finalised yet”. Reliance Jio recently announced that it has made 100 million customers, and according to sources, out of these 100 million users Jio has managed to bag around 22-27 million users for Prime membership plan with only about a week’s deadline.

As per a recent survey conducted by Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, 84% of the total Jio customers want to get converted to the Prime membership program. The survey had a sample size of 1000 users online. That being said, there’s no actual confirmation of numbers.

To recap, Reliance Jio’s ‘Happy New Year’ offer is ending on 31st March after which all the free call and data services will be payable according to the regular plans. However there was a Jio ‘Prime Membership’ plan announced under which, the prime members will be able to enjoy all the benefits of the Jio ‘Happy New Year’ plan at just about Rs. 10 per day (Rs. 303/month). To get the Prime membership there’s a one time fee of Rs. 99 which is to be paid before 31st March. There are also additional bonus offers announced by company to draw more users towards the plan.

That all being said, we’ll have to wait for any official announcement by the company regarding the extension of deadline or more related to this.

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