Truecaller introduces ‘Call Me Back’ feature for Android users

The Caller ID and dialer application Truecaller has rolled out a new ‘Call Me Back’ feature for its Android app, where users get a pop up notification prompting them to call back or call again.

The Call Me Back (CMB) feature ensures that at any given point of time, when one user tries to reach another user from their Android smartphone and gets to see if the person they had called is either busy, non-reachable or the call getting rejected for some reason, there is a suitable and smart alternative to close that call positively in very immediate future.

Truecaller users will be presented with two options – Ask to Call Back and Call Anyway, if the receiver is busy, non-reachable or call failure occurs. Users can send a push notification to the receiver by choosing the Ask to call back option available on the notification section or they can choose the second option to call the intended receiver again.

To avail the features, both the caller and receiver should be Truecaller users first and the Android app should be updated to v7.82. Also the call receiver who in this case is a Truecaller user should have their last seen in the past 24 hours.

The update reflects Truecaller’s consistent innovation and commitment to make communication safer and more efficient for the users. Furthermore, such a feature is something that the telecom service providers have been aiming to aid their last mile call completion challenges for quite some time caused either by less than ideal network connectivity or call congestion / congested network. But with Truecaller clearly occupying the users native dialer space on their smartphone, the company with this new feature targets to close this gap really faster.

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The new feature is aimed at helping e-commerce firms in last mile delivery. As of now, the feature is available on Android only but, might soon come to iOS also. Stay tuned for more updates!

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