WhatsApp adopts Snapchat-style drawing on images, addition of emojis and text

Every member of the Facebook family of apps is pushing to bring copies of hallmark features of Snapchat. Firstly, Instagram Stories then recently the Messenger Day and now latest is the popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has introduced the image doodling feature which was being tested in the beta version of the app for sometime and now it is available for everyone. With this new feature you can draw on images and videos, overlaid text with multiple colors and fonts, add emojis to images.

WhatsApp has already cloned the front-facing flash feature of Snapchat, where the screen goes white while clicking a selfie allowing you to take good pictures in low-light conditions. Further, you can also zoom while taking a photo or recording a video on WhatsApp. By double tapping on the screen you can switch from rear to front camera also. The silly doodles, funny emojis, highlighted text adds to better visual communication.

Snapchat has less number of users when compared to 1 billion monthly users of WhatsApp. So, in the countries where Snapchat is not so popular, users will see this feature as a big improvement to WhatsApp. Though, Snapchat has a lot more features like animated selfie lenses, geofilters or augmented reality 3D stickers which are loved by youth.

All the above features of WhatsApp are introduced for Android users as of now, and will be available for iOS users too in the coming time. It will be interesting to see how WhatsApp and Facebook will be adopting new features to counter Snapchat features.

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