Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2 launched in India at Rs. 9,999

Xiaomi already has number of electronic products in the market including Smartphones, Tablets, Accessories etc. and now, the company has launched first of its Smart Home Appliance product – “Mi Air Purifier 2” in India at a price tag of Rs. 9,999. The Mi Air Purifier filter will cost at Rs. 2,499. With this, Xiaomi has initiated their range in smart appliances along with other smart devices already present in the market.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is lighter and more compact than the first generation model. It features dimensions of 520 x 240 mm compared to 735 x 260 mm of the first-gen Mi Air Purifier. The design of this Air Purifier is very compact, its base area is 10% smaller than an A4 paper. Even being so compact, it still offers a Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 310m3/h.

The setup on the Mi Air Purifier 2 features a single motor with dual mixed booster fans, and a three layer filter. Xiaomi claims that the new setup on the Air Purifier 2 helps to ensure that it is 11 percent quieter than its predecessor, with lowest noise level at 30 db. The second gen air purifier is also up to 58 percent more power efficient compared to its predecessor. The Mi Air Purifier 2 can remove up to 99.7 percent of the PM2.5 particulates in less than an hour.

The Mi Air Purifier 2 is a smart appliance and not one of the regular air purifiers, as the users can control it remotely from a smartphone using the Mi Smart House App. The Air Purifier connects to your smartphone using Wi-Fi, and when you are away from home, you can test the air quality in your home, as well as adjust the mode for operation. You can also share access with your family members to control the Air Purifier.

With Timer Schedules you can set a time to on/off your appliance according to your convenience via the Mi Home app which is available on Android and iOS as well. Being a smart Air Purifier, it will send you a notification on your smartphone if the filters are required to be changed. The lifespan of the filters is around 6 months.

It will be available from Mi.com on 26th September starting from 12 pm and from Flipkart on 2nd October 12 am onwards.

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