Twitter relaxes 140-character limit: Excludes Media attachments from the limit

Twitter has officially rolled out the expected changes for the 140-character limit which now, will not include the different media attachments like photos, videos, GIFs, quoted tweets and polls. Twitter announced the changes in May and now has finally made the move.

Twitter is testing this feature by introducing it to small groups before rolling out for everyone. With this relaxed 140-character limit, users will now be able to say more and attach media to their tweets without compromising on the character limit. The update now removes user handles from the text of the tweet and instead shows threaded replies.

Twitter announced the changes by the following tweet with a GIF image:

In addition to the relaxed character count limit, Twitter is also testing new ways to replies by no longer counting @names towards the character count. However, this changes are still not live and will be rolled out in near future for sure. Stay tuned for further updates.

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